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I have set the alarm on my phone for 6:30am. As soon as it goes off, I open Instagram, move to Facebook, and jump over to my email. I still have not had enough, I then scroll Pinterest, check my Google feed, and then return to Instagram! Before I know it, I have lost 30 minutes and sometimes more of my morning. I am zoned out and struggle to put down my phone and get out of bed. My mind is filled with the content from my little screen, preventing me from thinking about what is happening in my own…

Have you ever wondered why when you are creative that it gives you a good feeling? You may feel proud of yourself for what you have created, or you may feel relaxed and for a time focused only on what you were creating. Art therapy incorporates making art or being creative with any medium, with psychotherapy treatment. At a time when mental health disorders are increasing, it is important to know what options are available for treatment. This is important to me because according to, my home state Utah has the highest rates for suicides and depression diagnoses in…

Michelle G

Reader, writer, cat lover.

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